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by Jennifer Preston

With so many museums, exhibits, art galleries and lectures to choose from every day, how does a busy young arts professional keep up? ForFrancesca Merlino and about two dozen of her colleagues who work for museums and arts groups in New York City, it’s following each other’s 140-character updates on Twitter and the hashtag, #artstech.

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Powhida was one of six artists to speak at the panel organized by New York’s Art, Culture and Technology Meetup group, which frequently puts on lectures, discussions events addressing topics as broad as the changing audience experience, cultural institutions’ new media strategies and social media art experiments. This particular panel was part of the larger Social Media Week conference happening across the city and simultaneously in five other cities worldwide. [ read the full article ]

New York City is rife with digital savvy and entrepreneurial vision, so much so that not only has social media permeated through Silicon Alley, but it’s stretching its reach to the arts, entertainment, and fashion. [ read the full article ]


It was refreshing to hear different artists’ perspectives on how they bring together their own artistic work online pokie with social media technologies. At the same time, I saw that a powerful professional and personal community has truly formed amongst attendees. I could watch and contribute to conversations occurring on Twitter by following the hashtag #ArtsTech, which is appended to tweets to help organize tweets by subject…This is a group as eager to get to know each other as they are to learn from each other. [ read the full article ]

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SMartCAMP’s reach went far beyond the…people attending the conference. We saw 120,000 individual views on ustream, and enough twitter action to trend in New York on both days of the conference. This exposure and reach is proof that by using the tools of social media, conversation is no longer limited to our friends, family and work colleagues via traditional methods of communication. [ read the full article on Huffington Post ]

From the beginning SMartCAMP was about people, people who post, blog, tag, add, and tweet, but above all, people who meet and link up through quirky, often unpredictable, circumstances to pursue a shared idea. According to the speakers in SMartCAMP’s program, this is the kind of easy serendipity that gives social networks their authenticity and value. [ read the full article on ]