Upcoming Events in March

We recently sent out the announcements below to our San Francisco listserve – but why keep a good thing locked up in email?

Below are a few good events happening in San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you’ve got an event you’d like to see listed, submit it here http://www.artstechmeetup.com/submit-an-event/ or post it on ArtsTech News

Closing this weekend – Tree City Legends, presented by Intersection for the Arts

Intersection for the Arts presents TREE CITY LEGENDS: the world premiere of a new performance by emerging playwright/musician Dennis Kim, directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, and the third installment of Intersection for the Arts’ and Resident Theatre Company Campo Santo’s Next series.

Tree City Legends is a multidisciplinary theater work that melds post-hip hop aesthetics, urban folklore, Korean traditional tales, live music, legend, and parable. It is all together, part bildungsroman, part blues song, and part Book of Jonah remix.

Biblical imagery, multi-perspective narrative, and a sense of longing underpin the main character, Junie’s story. These elements haunt Junie’s rise and demise as a folk-singing sensation and eventual escapist. The bitter realities of the neighborhood block and a ghostly past loom in the background as a family of brothers struggles to make sense of a world that was not made with them in mind.

The piece expands beyond any specific Korean American experience and explores the profound feelings of rootlessness and abandonment of urban people of color, specifically Asian Pacific Islander American immigrants in tracing the lives of the Kane brothers.

Thursday – March 1st
After Dark @ The Exploratorium


What happened to your stacks of wax? From handmade record players to DJs scratching new sounds, explore unique uses of an old-school material.

Learn how experimental physicist Carl Haber recovers the lost sounds of records made from wax, shellac, and other fragile materials, and find out how film editor and sound designer Walter Murch restored the Edison-Dickson experiment of 1894, the earliest synchronization of sound and motion pictures.

Follow the creative evolution of the turntable in original instruments made by Bay Area artists Walter Kitundu and Sung Kim. Absorb the pioneering sounds of turntablist DJ Apollo, and take part in Hiss Pop*, an interactive adventure set in the days when vinyl was king.

Thursday – First Thursday Art
A downtown tradition since 1993, on the first Thursday of every month many of our member galleries are open late for a casual open house. If you are making a special trip to visit a specific gallery, we recommend that you call first. Most locations 5:30-7:30pm.

For a listing of current gallery exhibitions, contact information, and to sign up for our mailing list, go to www.sfada.com.

Thursday – Social Media and Community Meetup at CloudFlare
Hear from industry leaders who manage the communities of LinkedIn, TaskRabbit, SoundCloud and CloudFlare. These experts will cover best practices of community management leaders, how to handle unhappy customers when they go to the web with their complaints, what social media outlets they use, tips and tricks for gaining community followers, and how to keep a community engaged.

Doors open at 6:30pm, presentation starts at 7pm. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

Friday – Oakland Art Murmur
The mission of the Oakland Art Murmur is to support art and cultural venues that are dedicated to increasing popular awareness of and participation in the arts of Oakland. We promote the arts community through collective marketing and outreach efforts and organize a monthly First Friday Art Walk event, Art Murmur, which is free and open to the public.

Every First Friday of the month, member galleries are open to the public from 6-9 pm. Additionally 23rd Street between Telegraph and Valley is closed to car traffic, and craft, art, and food vendors are set up along this corridor.

Friday – Sunday – Art Hack Weekend
Art Hack Weekend SF is an opportunity for San Francisco’s leading web designers, developers, artists and hackers to exchange concepts, projects, and to create the next phase of cutting edge web apps. The hackathon hopes to attract all who seek to push pixels out of the screen and implement highly dynamic and interactive creative experiences into their websites. With you, we hope to not just reimagine the future of the web but actually build it.

More than just a weekend hackathon, Art Hack Weekend SF will focus on unearthing new properties of the web by exploring the nature of how we build and interact with 3D objects. This hackathon’s aim is to transcend the traditional 2D experience of the internet by combining radical thinkers that dream of projects outside of the screen, but interpolate them into an web-based experience. When the Bay Area’s preeminent innovators and creatives gather together the results always yield useful projects, products, and partnerships that largely exceed the sum of their parts.

As our culture migrates onto the internet at a startling rate, we become increasingly dependent upon the use of creative applications to better understand the world we’re living in. We believe that merging technologists hailing from a variety of backgrounds with artists and other creative thinkers harvests unforeseen projects that shine light into the uncharted corners of the internet. Over the course of the weekend, web design’s playful sensibilities meet progressive visions of contemporary culture to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

The Creators Project – Fort Mason – March 17-18

from the site : We’re thrilled to be bringing The Creators Project to San Francisco—the world’s epicenter of technology and innovation—for the very first time this spring. We’ll be kicking off our 2012 event series and transforming historic Fort Mason into a colossal two-day art and technology festival featuring towering multimedia art installations, live music performances, film screenings, and panels.

We’ll be exhibiting the best of The Creators Project including United Visual Artists’ striking 40-foot by 40-foot audiovisual installation Origin, scored by electronic composer Scanner, Meditation by Minha Yang, Strata #4 by Quayola, Six-Forty by Four-Eighty by Zigelbaum + Coelho, and several new works from our Creators.

On Saturday we’ll be hosting an array of live music performances, and throughout the weekend we’ll be screening films and hosting creative workshops and panel discussions.

Featuring installations by United Visual Artists, Scanner, Quayola, Minha Yang, and Zigelbaum + Coelho

Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes

April 14, 2012 – August 12, 2012
Based in Oakland, Daniel Clowes is internationally acclaimed for award-winning comics, graphic novels, and screenplays. With nearly 50 publications in multiple reprints and editions in ten languages, Clowes is credited as the cartoonist most responsible for developing the graphic novel into a credible literary form. The film version of Ghost World (2001), directed by Terry Zwigoff, earned Clowes an Academy Award nomination for the screenplay. Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes reveals hundreds of original drawings and artifacts in an inspired installation environment. The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive full-color monograph. Organized by independent curator Susan Miller and Senior Curator of Art René de Guzman, the exhibition is the first major survey of the work of Daniel Clowes.

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