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ArtsConnection/High 5


Since 1993, High 5 Tickets to the Arts has made NYC cultural venues and arts events accessible and affordable for over 200,000 teenagers through $5 tickets and in-depth educational programs that sharpen and broaden a young person’s experience of not just the arts, but of New York City as well. In 2010, High 5 became part of ArtsConnection, the city’s most comprehensive, not-for-profit, arts-in-education organization. For the past 31 years, ArtsConnection has made a profound difference in the lives of 3.5 million public school students through exceptional programming in the performing, visual, literary, and media arts.

Description of Project

The High 5 program depends on its website ( to allocate tickets and inform teens about available opportunities in the arts, yet the site was built over a decade ago and its foundational coding is soon to depreciate. With the advent of HTML5, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is poised to depreciate older HTML in favor of the stronger, faster HTML5 coding. The entire High 5 site needs to be re-written, a task that is beyond the time and capabilities of our staff. In the near future, browsers will not be able to read the site and will display it in a disconcerting and confusing manner. Not only will ticket distribution, which primarily takes place online, be affected, but our web-based marketing will suffer as well. Over 300 arts organizations (including Carnegie Hall, Dance Theater Workshop, MoMA, The Public Theater, BAM, St. Ann’s Warehouse and Lincoln Center) partner with High 5 to bring young, diverse audiences into their venues. Partnering organizations donate tickets to thousands of events each year. Through the use of viral online marketing, we act as a coordinated marketing effort for each of our arts partners, ensuring that every teen involved in programming is aware of performance and event opportunities. The site now has over 1,000,000 visitors each year and a weekly newsletter providing details about available shows is sent to 11,000 subscribers. The proposed upgrade will also help us to take advantage of new technologies; allowing teens to buy tickets with their Smart phones, for example. In addition, improved coding will markedly expedite site updates which occur (at a minimum) weekly and needlessly expend staff time.

Scope of Work

We need to partner with a web designer and a programmer to redesign and recode the High 5 website.

Proposed Timeline

“We envision the project taking four months with the first month involving weekly meetings with both the designer and programmer, so that design and structure easily marry up.

Week 1-2: Design and architecture needs assessed through on-site visits

Week: 3: 1st Draft of design

Week 4: Revision

Week 5: Final draft locked

Week 6: Design handed over to programmer

Week 7-11: Programmer builds site

Week 12:  Site tested; launch

Any Available Incentives for the Creative Professional

Incentives such as a stipend, visibility on the site, and recommendations to our cultural partners for the work of the Creative Professionals, will be discussed with candidates interested in the project.


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